If you’re looking to get your small business noticed online, you may want to consider local SEO. It’s important to realize that you can’t just go out there and expect people to find you. You have to get them to know about you, and how to find you. This means that you have to get yourself listed in the local search engines. There are many ways to do this, but here are three of the most common.

1) Listing your business with the local Chamber of Commerce

The first way to get your business listed is to list it with the local chamber of commerce. This is usually free, but you should be prepared to pay a nominal fee if you’re not already a member. The reason why you need to pay a fee is because they have to pay a lot of money to get their information up on the local listings. They also have to keep the listings updated, so they need to charge a fee to cover these costs.

2) Listing your business with a directory

Another option is to list your business with a directory. A directory is similar to a phone book, except it’s more specialized. There are directories for almost every industry imaginable. If you’re a plumber, you’ll want to find a directory for plumbers. Most directories will allow you to submit a listing for free, but you’ll probably have to pay a fee if you want to update or remove your listing.

3) Listing your business with Google Places

The final option is to list your business using Google Places. This option is only available to businesses with a Google AdWords account, and it allows you to post your listing to Google Maps. This is a great option because it gets you listed on Google, which has the largest audience online. However, it does cost a small fee.

These are three different options that you can use to get your small business listed in the local search engines.