The Internet has changed the way people shop. No longer do people need to go to a mall or department store to buy clothes, electronics, and other goods. Now they can simply log onto a website and place an order for these items. This has also opened up the market for many small businesses that were previously unable to compete with larger companies.

In this article we will look at how eCommerce works and what it means to you as a small business owner.

Online Shopping

For the most part online shopping is fairly easy. You simply visit the site of your choice and browse through the selection of products available. When you find something you want, you click on the link that takes you to the ordering page. At this point you enter your payment information and complete the transaction. The product is shipped directly to your home or office and you get to enjoy the benefits of buying from a company that has taken the time to make their products available to you.

Customer Journey

When you buy from a physical store, you have a specific experience in mind. You know that you will be able to see the product in person before making a purchase. You may even be able to touch the product and feel its weight. If you buy from an online store, however, there is no way to verify whether the product is authentic or not. In addition, you have no idea what kind of customer service you will receive when you call the phone number provided by the website.

Customer Experience

This is where eCommerce shines. When you buy from a physical store you are often subjected to a salesperson who is pushing a particular product. They may even tell you about a special promotion or discount that is available. However, if you buy from an online store you will never have to deal with a salesperson. You can browse the site at your leisure, read reviews, and decide which product is right for you. Once you have decided on a product, you simply order it and wait for it to arrive at your door. There is no pressure involved because you didn’t even have to leave your house to make the purchase.

eCommerce is here to stay. As more and more people turn to the Internet to buy products, the small business owner must take advantage of this opportunity. It is possible to sell your products without having to spend money on advertising or paying employees. You don’t have to worry about being out of stock because you can easily ship the product directly to the customer’s home. This is just one of the reasons why eCommerce is a great option for small business owners.