Even a simple message can be amplified by using variation in tone and appropriate gestures. Like pronunciation, clarity is essential. You will also find yourself wishing to skip over the sections that you don’t know enough about; and your audience will, in all likelihood, catch on to the fact that you lack knowledge in certain sections. Imagine listening to a great speaker who constantly mispronounces words

Self doubt is another major issue. Those who are afraid of speaking in public sometimes feel nauseated or feel that they’ll faint minutes before they do so. By overcoming public speaking anxiety, you will be able to succeed more in life

So you insert a verbal filler to fill the space while you figure out the next word. Stage fright is inevitable. It can help you make advances in your career. Most are not. Similarly don’t focus on all the negative that might happen, because you will be programming yourself negatively

Later, I shared the response with the learners in my class and they agreed with the rating. It has been used for many years now to relieve nervousness. I was terrified because I knew I had to follow him. In situations where public speaking contributes to course evaluation, as in the ESL class, I observe that learners who may claim to be shy in the beginning of the semester respond more positively to classroom practices and later improve in their public speaking assessment

Similarly, when you have a discussion with somebody about what’s going on at work, do you prepare for it for three or four hours ahead of time? Do you go into a lunch with a co-worker with a written set of talking points, and a practiced set of word tracks, or do you just kind of let things happen? You will become a master of The Skills only when you convince yourself that you must approach your presentation not the least prepared way, but the least practiced way. So just what are these techniques that will guarantee to make any audience love you? Many public speakers will consider this technique to be cheating! The most effective way of persuading any audience to love you is to give them precisely what they want to hear. Here are ten steps I recommend to get you into action to use public speaking to fill your professional practice: 1

When this occurs, don’t try to deflect the fear. The minute you feel this rush of adrenaline, you need to clear your mind and hold firm against this sensation to give into the panic attack. Storytelling is an art, and needs to be developed. Fear is nothing but a build up energy in your body that is not able to find an outlet, provide this outlet and it will dissolve. It works for public speaking as well

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