What is eCommerce?

eCommerce is the practice of buying and selling goods online.

eCommerce is the fastest growing market in the world today, and it is predicted to grow at a rate of 20% per year for the next decade.

In the UK alone, eCommerce sales will reach £100 billion by 2010.

eCommerce is not just about shopping. It is about people making purchases from the comfort of their own homes.

It is about having a greater choice than ever before.

It is about being able to get products delivered to your door in as little as an hour or two.

It is about getting great deals on the products you need.

It is about not having to go out and spend hours searching for a bargain.

It is about knowing that if you find a product you like, you can buy it right now, without having to wait for the shop to open.

It is about finding products that are exclusive to your country, or to your town, or to your local area.

It is about shopping with your friends and family.

It is about buying the products you want, when you want them.

It is about paying through a secure payment system.

It is about receiving your order within days, rather than weeks.

It is about saving money on the products you buy.

It is about the ability to get discounts and vouchers.

It is about seeing the latest fashion trends first.

It is about keeping up with the latest fashions.

It is about choosing what you want, and then being able to have it delivered to your door.

It is about making a purchase and then being able to track it online.

It is about purchasing goods online and having them delivered straight to your home.

It is about using the Internet to help you save time and money.

It is about doing business with people all over the world.

It is about ordering products from overseas.

It is about staying connected with the people around you.

It is about connecting with your friends and family. It is about keeping in touch with your loved ones.

It is about communicating with your friends and family who live abroad.

It is about sending parcels to your friends and family abroad.

It is not just about shopping.

It is about enjoying the benefits of eCommerce.

It is about giving yourself the best chance of finding the products you want.

It is about helping other people to enjoy the same benefits.

It is about letting other people know that you are available to buy and sell.

It is about sharing your knowledge of the products you sell.

It is also about helping others to find the products they want.